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This is a picture of the Barrow county courthouse.
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Atlanta Regional Commission Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC):

Board Profile: This 24 member committee is responsible for providing technical advice to the Transportation & Air Quality Committee (TAQC) regarding metropolitan or multijurisdictional transportation related matters potentially affecting the 18 county Atlanta Metropolitan Planning Organization area. TCC members work closely with the ARC Transportation Access & Mobility Division staff.

Guy Herring, Economic & Community Development Director
Term is as long as county employee
Appointing Authority: county's TAQC member or the Chairman of Board of County Commissioners

Qualification of Members: county staff member.

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are held twice per month on the first and third Fridays of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the ARC Offices at the United Way/ Loudermilk Conference Center, 40 Courtland St. in Atlanta. Contact: Susie Dunn, Sr. Management Analyst/External Relations, at 404-463-3279