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Exemption Info 2017

The Barrow County Board of Tax Assessors wishes to ensure everyone is receiving any exemptions they may qualify for.  Any exemptions can only follow where you claim homestead; real property you own, and reside in a home on that property as your primary residence.  When applying for regular homestead, two types of identification are required showing the physical address of your property where you are applying for homestead.  Most all exemptions may be applied for year round, but for them to apply to the current year tax records, application must be made by April 1 of that tax year.   Specialized assessment such as Conservation  Use may only be applied for between January 2 and April 1, and certain qualifications must be met. More information may be obtained by visiting our office.

Homestead exemption is available to anyone as long as they meet the qualifications mentioned.  There are other exemptions such as partial school tax exemption starting at age 62 with income qualifications that must be met.  Anyone desiring to verify if they qualify may come by our office located in the ground floor of the Historic Courthouse and bring their Federal Tax Return from the year preceeding the year they are making application.  Previously those having the Local School Tax Exemption  had to reapply every year until it was voted upon to do away with that requirement; now once you obtain those exemptions they stay with you year to year, unless you move or your income changes significantly.

For a more detailed description of the exemptions and income levels applicable, you may visit this website http://www.barrowga.org/departments/pdf/BARROW COUNTY TAX EXEMPTION INFORMATION 2017.docx and print out if so desired.  Should you have additional questions please call 770-307-3108 between 8:00 and 5:00 Monday through Friday.